Episode 66 November 26, 2018 01:03:22
Big Geek Life

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Alex and I take a look at a dying genre of film; the Western. We take a look at the works of 2 of the finest gunslingers to ever grave the screen; John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, and discuss their respective works before moving onto the more modern incarnations of the Western film, looking at how the dynamic of the films genre has changed and how Hollywood has forgotten the essence of the genre. We look at what can be done to revive the genre, who we would like to see in lead roles and the types of films the genre is crying out for in the modern cinema world. We throw in some excellent facts about John Wayne, Eastwood and a few others as well as looking over some of the best films out there to watch back, to really get the feel of a great Western film. Alex and I also argue over a specific film that he feels fits into Western genre, but that I personally feel has absolutely no merit in which to do so!

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