Star Wars Pt 1

Episode 54 July 23, 2018 01:04:47
Big Geek Life
Star Wars Pt 1

Show Notes

Alex and I talk about the original trilogy of Star Wars films, whilst dealing with the ridiculous heat this heatwave is throwing at us, with intertwined tangents that are mostly relevant to what we are talking about! We give our verdicts on the original trilogy as well as throw in some fun facts. We rank the films, and the peripheral films thereafter as well, before rolling off the cliff with tangents. Our Twitter followers get a shout out as well for their contributrion to the show, and we discuss each comment made by some of our followers. There is a clear winner for who the favourite is though. Care to guess? We throw in some space themed music as well, to add to the fun. Laughs, fake tears, cringing and threats of violence make this quite the fun episode!

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