Star Trek pt 1

Episode 55 August 05, 2018 NaN
Big Geek Life
Star Trek pt 1

Show Notes

Alex and I delve into the films of Star Trek, from OS (Original Series for those not in the know) through Next Gen (Next Generation) and onto the reboots. We look at how each film has expanded on the corresponding series and how they moved the characters on, or not, and the overall feel of each film. We also discuss our favourite parts and compare how each film holds up in this day and age. We throw in some fun facts and give our very "high horse" opinions on each of the films, disecting plots and storyline arcs and the multiple continuity errors thrown up. Not forgetting our usual random tangents during our discussions. We pick our favourites from each "era" and talk about our reasons why. Not to mention some awesome space themed music!

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