Michael Bay

Episode 64 November 13, 2018 01:05:06
Big Geek Life
Michael Bay

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Alex & I delve into the films of Mr Explosion, Michael Bay. The man who can single handedly make a reason to just blow something up for the sake of it! We look at some of his most popular films, and discover that some of the most popular in his catalogue were actually rated terribly by Rotton Tomatoes, leading us to go on a tirade about RT! I also lobby for Armageddon being one of his best films, whilst Alex vehemently disagrees. We look at his impact on Hollywood, and how his films are viewed by both critics and the ordinary cinemagoer, looking at why they fare so much stronger with normal people, as opposed to the cretins at The Academy. We also get teary about Stan Lee passing away, minutes before our show went live, as well as a few secrets being revealed by myself, much to Alex's disgust! And not forgetting some amazing songs found in Mr Bay's films.

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