Interview with Director & Owner of Life After Movies, Lisa Downs

Episode 19 February 18, 2021 00:55:55
Interview with Director & Owner of Life After Movies, Lisa Downs
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Interview with Director & Owner of Life After Movies, Lisa Downs

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I chat to Life After Movies Director and Producer, Lisa Downs. We chat about Life After Flash, starring Flash Gordon himself Sam Jones as well her Life After The Navigator documentary with Joey Cramer, that is currently available on Amazon Prime. We look back on what she has learnt about creating and filming a documentary, how this process has evolved and what she has planned for her new documentary currently in the works, Life After Atreyu, chronicling the journey of Atreyu actor Noah Hathaway and his journey from Atreyu to now. This is an excellent insight into the mind of a brilliant documentary maker, the trials and tribulations of the process, but the sweet feeling of success at the end.

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