Halloween, Guy Fawkes & Horror

Episode 63 November 05, 2018 01:04:33
Big Geek Life
Halloween, Guy Fawkes & Horror

Show Notes

We're back! After a few weeks hiatus (due to personal issues neither of us could control) we come back swinging, talking about all things Guy Fawkes, Halloween and Horror. Alex & I go in hard on those who do not wear Poppies, we talk about the Halloween reboot/sequel/waste of time, as well as go through some awesome horror films. We also go off on a tangent that starts at Halloween takes a trip through Thanksgiving & Black Friday and ends up with Michael Bay! We also give our opinions on some frightfully awesome TV series to get your teeth into as well as delve into just why Horror movies are sluggish and seemingly struggling for audiences, looking at the rise of TV series taking the coverted audiences and keeping people away from the cinema. We finally give our Top 5 Horror films to test your metal against!

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