Feel The Force Day & Max Landis

Episode 61 October 10, 2018 01:00:50
Big Geek Life
Feel The Force Day & Max Landis

Show Notes

Alex and I offer up a 2 for on this episode, with our feedback and thoughts on Feel The Force Day and then moving on to the multitalented screenwriter, Max Landis. We start with our thoughts and feedback on the epic "celebration Con" dedicated to those with physical, auditory and visual impairments, Feel The Force Day in Peterborough. We talk through what we did, what we saw and the lasting impact this con has had on us both, and our love for the guys that put it on. We talk about how what this con represents changes you forever when you are immersed in its atmosphere for the day. And it really does... We then move on to the very talented screenwriter, Max Landis, from films Chronicle, American Ultra and Netflix Original Film Bright. We look at his works, his processes and what makes him so different from other screenwriters of today. Max is supremely talented and has the youthful exhuberance that Hollywood is desperately crying out for!

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