Feel the Force Day - Charity Comic Con

Episode 57 September 03, 2018 01:05:11
Big Geek Life
Feel the Force Day - Charity Comic Con

Show Notes

Alex and I are joined by the awe inspiring guys behind the worlds ONLY fully inclusive Comic Con, Feel the Force Day, Simon & JJ. We worked with the guys on last years event and did a previous podcast about the charity and convention, so this was like old friends meeting up for a chat. Not only do we cover the awesome plans for expansion of the Con, the amazing work they have done, the reasons why they do what they do and the origin of the whole day, but we also find out that JJ has never seen Fireman Sam, what the guys think about Pontypridd (and their hilarious shenanigans!), Simons revelation about Dr Who and Scott from The McCormicks, JJ's facination with sweet wrappers and kids shows, the awesome guest lineup coming to this years event, curry cupcakes (this is a real thing!) as well as some nice little "nuggets" about the future of the con and the charity. These guys are amazing people and what they do is nothing short of spectacular. Check out JJ's amazing parody of 7 Seconds too! Have a listen and then go buy tickets for the Con. £4 a ticket? BARGAIN!!!

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