Disney pt 2

Episode 56 August 19, 2018 01:02:37
Big Geek Life
Disney pt 2

Show Notes

Alex and I WALTz (get it...) down Disney Main Street once more, looking at Disney films from a slightly different (and often via a ludicrous tangent) way. We talk about Disney's old films continuious ploy to kill off someones family member and use that as a way to push the character forward, we look at the Anti-Heroes and heinious villains in the old and modern day films as well as give Alex 30 seconds to name as many Disney films as possible (he fails miserably btw!) With tangents including shots being fired at Harvey Weinstein, Alex's mission to drag us off topic at every opportunity, shots fired at Nick Grimshaw, Angela Lansbury as a sexy Maleficent and some quirky facts about Disney actors and characters. Add in some excellent, cheery Disney music, and this is not the same Disney podcast as the light and fluffy part 1 from last year. Contains explicit language and insinuations.

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