Avengers Endgame

Episode 75 April 29, 2019 01:03:25
Big Geek Life
Avengers Endgame

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*SPOILERS AHEAD* Alex & I are back after a hiatus due to station closures and the Bank Holidays, and what better way to start than by discussing and disecting the behemouth that is Avengers Endgame With every spoiler you can think of, we look at the juggernaught of a film and talk about how it made us feel, the big spoilers and little noted gems that sat within the film. We look at how it ended the last 12 years of films and what impact that will have moving forward with the MCU and beyond. Beware, this is SPOILER-RIFIC! So if you havent seen the film, come back and listen to us when you have!

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