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August 05, 2018 NaN
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Star Trek pt 1

Alex and I delve into the films of Star Trek, from OS (Original Series for those not in the know) through Next Gen (Next Generation) and onto the reboots. We look at how each film has expanded on the corresponding series and how they moved the characters on, or not, and the overall feel of each film. We also discuss our favourite parts and compare how each film holds up in this day and age. We throw in some fun facts and give our very "high horse" opinions on each of the films, disecting plots and storyline arcs and the multiple continuity errors thrown up. Not forgetting our usual random tangents during our discussions. We pick our favourites from each "era" and talk about our reasons why. Not to mention some awesome space themed music! ...



July 23, 2018 01:04:47
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Star Wars Pt 1

Alex and I talk about the original trilogy of Star Wars films, whilst dealing with the ridiculous heat this heatwave is throwing at us, with intertwined tangents that are mostly relevant to what we are talking about! We give our verdicts on the original trilogy as well as throw in some fun facts. We rank the films, and the peripheral films thereafter as well, before rolling off the cliff with tangents. Our Twitter followers get a shout out as well for their contributrion to the show, and we discuss each comment made by some of our followers. There is a clear winner for who the favourite is though. Care to guess? We throw in some space themed music as well, to add to the fun. Laughs, fake tears, cringing and threats of violence make this quite the fun episode! ...



July 15, 2018 01:04:03
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Alex (after he decides to turn up...) & i look at The Peoples Champion, Dwayne Johnson and his rise from WWF (yeah I said it and what?)to Hollywoods most paid actor in 2017. We look at his early beginnings in acting, his typcasting and his breaking the mold to become one of the most bankable actors on the planet. From 2001's The Mummy Returns to 2018's Skyscraper and beyond, Dwayne Johnson has shed his moniker of "The Rock" and is now a actor, producer and director in his own right. We also talk about some fun facts and I fanboy a little of my man crush! Throw in some very classic musical choices and this is a show for all the Dwayne Johnson fans out there! Can you smell that...? ...



July 09, 2018 01:05:36
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Creating Original Ideas

Alex & I take a break for the slating and downbeat and look to invigorate those who are looking to be creative, be original, be different and challenge Hollywood's remake culture at the moment. This was all Alex's idea by the way! Haha! We discuss the most important areas to help you be more creative and original and how that relates to films and tv shows, giving examples of where those who have challenged and been different have shone through and taken us on a journey through new processes. With so much going on, we wanted to inspire others to put themselves out there and create content that can push boundaries and give them the tools to do so. We actively encourage scripts and screenplays to be sent in and we can give feedback etc. We hope this is a nice break from the norm and is informative and helpful, along with our choices of music to help us push ourselves forward in times of "blocks" We genuinely hope you like this one off. Don't forget to leave us a review :) ...



July 02, 2018 01:03:24
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Why The Ghostbuster Remake Was So Poor!

Trigger Warning - Do not listen if easily offended by anything remotely negative! Alex & I finally delve into a real film hate of ours, and that is Paul Fieges abomination that is "Ghostbusters" (2016) This film is the standard for crap films! Seen a crap film, thats a "ghostbusters (2016)" From the terrible writing, "comedy" that doesnt hit the mark, direction and lacklustre chemistry from the cast; not the mention the ludicrously cringey "jokes" thrown around in the film and the body shaming, we leave no stone unturned as we go full steam savage on everything about the film, whilst comparing it to the orignal source material and everything amazing with that film. We share some very staunch opinions and make no apologies for it, so if you are easily triggered then this is not for you! ...



June 25, 2018 01:04:51
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Edgar Wright

Alex, Andrew and I look at the filmography of one of the most talented Directors out there, Edgar Wright. We anylize his style, his influences and some fun facts. We look at his work in TV as well as discuss where he could go from his success with Baby Driver. Rdgar Wright is definitely hot proprty in Hollywood now, and we want to shed some more light on a multi-talented British export, and one who has a truely amazing style behind the screen, as well as in his writing and producing. Who would we like to see him team up with on a budding British script? Come take a listen to find out! ...

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