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March 05, 2018 01:03:39
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Alien vs Predator: Remade

Alex and I come up with our own version of the awful mash up of 2 of the most formidable baddies in cinema history, Alien vs Predator. We come up with our own script, as such, our own cast, director, producer etc as well as an overview of how we would want it to play out on the big screen as well as how it plays into the other, individual films from each franchise. We look at what we would think is acceptable and debate each of our own ideas to see which is the best idea. with some excellent, rocking music, we remake what could have been (and should have been) one of the best mash ups of modern cinema history! Let us know what you think and what you would do differently on Twitter or Facebook. ...



February 26, 2018 01:11:27
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Alien Franchise

Alex and I delve into the dark world of the Alien universe, talking about each of the films and going through our thoughts and feelings on each one, throwing in some little know facts, as well as giving our take on the thoughts behind some of our favourite scenes. We break down the films and focus on what made them (Alien and Aliens only haha) epic films of their time, before delving into the downward spiral of the franchise after Aliens, looking at where it went wrong, what they could have done to save it and why Prometheus and Covenant were just so awful. We discuss whether Aliens really is the best sequel film of all time.... what do you think? We know what we think..... Aliens vs Godfather pt 2..... hmmmm Also, hidden between the alien inspired musical interludes, are some amazing quotes to grab you and throw you back into the films and make you want to break out the Anthology and give them a spin! Sit back, relax, and remember...... in space, no one can hear you scream! ...



February 19, 2018 01:04:57
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Predator Franchise

Alex & I venture into the world of Predator; starting with the 1987 classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura et al, and heading into the new films, blasphemous as they may be! We discuss classic quotes, favourite scenes and most memorable character, throwing in some anecdotes and facts about the films as well and sticking in some excellent music along the way (Make sure you listen to the first song - Its GENIUS!, oh and the clips at the end!!) we take a deep view on the AvP films, and discuss continuity errors, issues and some potential tid bits of information about the new film, The Predator, written and directed by original Predator actor, Shane Black. What is your favourite quote? Who is your favourite character? Let us know! ...



February 12, 2018 NaN
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Build Your Own Battle Royal Team

Alex, Andrew and I go head to head to head again with a team of 5 mortal only characters from across the film and tv universe. Much like our "Build Your Own Suicide Squad" show, we are using Mortals only. With a Leader, Brains, Brawn, Comic Relief and Wild Card, there is a plethora of fantastic characters to choose from. But who's is best? #Team Alex #TeamAndrew #TeamRichard - You, our amazing listeners and followers, will choose! Comment on our twitter show post with just your #. No reasons necessary! With notable mentions from our fantastic Twitter followers, we pit our teams against each other to see who would win in a straight up fight. With some excellent choices, it was a fun filled time had by all going through the teams. With some obvious choices, and some not so obvious choices, each team, ours and twitter followers, are stong and weak in equal measure. But who wins?? What do you think? Who would you pick? Would they beat our Ultimate Team? Come at us bro! ...



February 05, 2018 NaN
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Harry Potter

Alex and I delve into the beautiful world built by JK Rowling, and give our thoughts on "The Boy Who Lived", Harry Potter. From our favourite book and movie, to favourite character, we dissect the films and characters and give out some of our favourite facts. Did JK really write Snape for Alan Rickman? How did Daniel Radcliffe really get the most well known role? Why were the first 2 films so wooden? We answer these and more as we talk about one of the most loved franchises in the history of literature and cinema. With quotes and some completely unexpected music to go with them; as well as some weak links, sit back and enjoy the quotes, music and chat of Harry Potter. ...



January 29, 2018 01:05:01
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Sell Me This Pen

With the regular team back to full strength, Alex, Andrew and I go through the ridiculously made up film titles, characters and situations that our Facebook and Twitter followers sent in during the week. Completely on the spot (genuinely, none of us had any idea of these) we make up plausible films based on silly information given to us. Some of our brilliant ideas include: Luke Wilson (no, not the Wedding Crasher guy, his brother from Legally Blonde) playing a virgin who gets sucked into the world of porn and lapdancing; Ron Perlman trying, and failing, to destroy Michael Bay's Career; Jackie Chan owning a noodle shop and kicking ass all over the place with Chris Tucker as his side kick (no, nothing like Rush Hour). We also throw in some classic music from some of our favourite films, before talking about the new, unique film festival arriving here in Peterborough in September, the LowDown Film Festival. Prepare to laugh, possible cry, at some of our pitches! What do you think is the best pitch? ...

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